Daily Women's Meeting is an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that is not affiliated with any outside enterprise.

There is an online community not affiliated with AA where members can join to read recovery-related articles, learn more about recovery, meet other members and find fellowship.

You can learn more here: THE COMMUNITY


Where are you located?

We are 100% online. We began on March 15th, 2020, in San Francisco after registering immediately with IGNY. We grew quickly with open arms for women all over the globe.

How can I join?

You simply create a Zoom account and join us.

How do you operate?

WE operate collectively, there is no authority. Working diligently with Tradition One, Tradition Four, and Tradition Five, carrying the belief that WE STAY SOBER TOGETHER. This meeting began swiftly, and with that, a steering committee, in an attempt to be organized with no single voice of authority was created. The steering committee includes the meeting hosts, service secretary and treasurer. We have regular monthly business meetings for group ideas, conversations and ways to improve the meeting and support our growing fellowship.

Each group is as unique as a thumbprint, and approaches to carrying the message of sobriety vary not just from group to group but from region to region. Acting autonomously, each group charts its own course. The better informed the members, the stronger and more cohesive the group — and the greater the assurance that when a newcomer reaches out for help, the hand of A.A. always will be there.

Are the meetings free?

We have no dues or fees, we are entirely self supporting through our own contributions.

Why do you collect money if I'm at home?

We collect contributions to host the meeting and support AA service centers.

How do I contribute?

You may contribute via Venmo @dailywomens.

How can I get involved?

Show up to our monthly business meeting and stand for service, by announcing you are available. We do not vote people in to service by popularity, all positions are volunteer by self selection. We have sobriety suggestions and requirements for holding positions to ensure safety of the meeting. Please join our monthly business meeting to learn more about service, all are welcome.

Who are you?

We are a global mix of people who identify as women.

*How can I get my court card signed or verify that I attended the meeting?*

You may submit an email to our email {online aa womens meeting @ gmail dot com} with the date of your attendance the secretary's name. Please check your spam and trash or add the email to your acceptable emails as our correspondence can land in your SPAM. We send out verification every other day, except on the weekends.

Why do you meet everyday?

We meet daily to ensure that when a woman has a desire to stop drinking, we are there with an open room welcoming her into our growing fellowship.

What is a sponsor?

Essentially, the process of sponsorship is this: An alcoholic who has made some progress in the recovery program shares that experience on a continuous, individual basis with another alcoholic who is attempting to attain or maintain sobriety through A.A. When we first begin to attend A.A. meetings, we may feel confused and sick and apprehensive. Although people at meetings respond to our questions willingly, that alone isn’t enough. Many other questions occur to us between meetings; we find that we need constant, close support as we begin learning how to “live sober.” So we select an A.A. member with whom we can feel comfortable, someone with whom we can talk freely and confidentially, and we ask that person to be our sponsor.

What if I can't make it everyday?

We are here for you when you can make it. We hope to see you everyday, if you can't make this meeting go to another meeting, try as many as you'd like, one meeting does not fit all!

Who can I talk to about my situation?

Show up and ask us. We are all here a day at a time staying sober, and have travelled a path to recovery. If we can help we will.

Where can I go for more help?

Ask your doctor for referrals. There are rehabilitation facilities, detox centers and sober coaches waiting to help. There is also a movement of online sober communities you can check them as well to see what works for you. Please check out AA.org for more information.

How do I contact you?

You may reach out to our email which is written out to protect spammers. { online aa womens meeting at gmail dot com } Minus all the spaces and you will reach us.

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