The Daily Women's Meeting Of

Alcoholics Anonymous


We meet frequently to help women or those who identify as female who struggle with alcoholism, or who are looking to change their relationship with alcohol.

If you want to stop drinking, please, join us.

We are a group of women from around the world who identify as women seeking recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous, join us, you never have to drink again.

If you are struggling with addiction and need immediate help please contact your local treatment facility.

One Day at a Time

If you find yourself asking how do I stop drinking? You're in the right place and we can help. Join us. If you are craving alcohol, and you want to stop drinking, join us daily. If you are drinking at home, or alone or find that since the Pandemic you have increased your drinking and want to stop, please join us.


Have questions about this meeting? Want to know more about it and how it started?